Zabel Seeds Expands Product Offerings with Legacy Seeds, Inc.

Starting in 2012, Zabel Seeds expanded its line-up of seed products by teaming with Legacy Seeds, Inc. of Scandinavia, WI.  Legacy Seeds,  founded originally as an alfalfa breeding company, has a complete line of seed products, including alfalfa, corn, soybeans, wheat, pasture and wildlife grass mixtures, as well as clovers and sorghums.  Legacy Seeds also provides Earth Builder Brand cover crops.

The expanded seed selection that Legacy Seeds brings to Zabel Seeds provides more choices for feed and forage customers.  Legacy’s corn  lineup includes Ration Choice Hybrids (RCH), Dual Purpose (DP), Leafy Silage Hybrids (LFY), and they are one of a few companies that offers Brown Mid-Rib (BMR) corn hybrids.

Legacy Seeds  has a strong line-up of high yielding corn hybrids available in trait packages from Genuity, YieldGard, Herculex, Agrisure, and LibertyLink, or conventional corn hybrids.

Legacy has developed a strong product line of premium alfalfa, including varieties with cutting-edge traits like Genuity Roundup Ready, Aphanomyces R1 & R2 resistance, and Potato Leaf Hopper protection.  Whether producers are seeking highly digestible (HD) varieties, grazing varieties, or economy varieties,  Legacy’s lineup will have something for them.

For more information, or to view the latest seed products available from Legacy Seeds, click here.

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