Our seed oat varieties for the 2017 growing season include the following:


  • Saber ~ Early maturity; Light yellow kernel; Very good test weight; High yielding; Tolerant to BYDV

Saber is an early maturing oat developed by the University of Illinois AES.  In 2011 & 2012, Saber was placed in the top LSD yield group at 15 of 16 locations (Illinois & Indiana) and was the highest yielding line in 10 of 18 locations.  The test weight of Saber is very good when compared to Jay or Chaps.  Saber is moderately short with good straw strength.  Saber is susceptible to loose smut and moderately resistance to crown rust.  Saber is a PVP(94) protected variety.

  • Reins ~ *New*  Early; High yield; Moderate height; Tan

Reins is an early maturing oats developed by the University of Illinois AES and released in 2015.  Reins is resistant to loose smut, tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus, moderately resistant to moderately susceptible to crown rush – depending on races present at location.  In the University of Illinois Oat Drill Plots 3 year summary (2014 – 16), Reins ranked #1 for yield and #2 for test weight and #1 for lodging [resistance], and was the second shortest variety.  PVP protection has been applied for.

  • Badger ~ Early; High yield; Moderate height; Yellow

Badger is an early-maturing, high yielding oat line with good straw strength.  Grain color is yellow with very good test weight.  It has a good crown rust rating and is resistant to smut.  Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus tolerance in similar to other early varieties.  Badger was released by the Wisconsin AES in 2010 and is protected under PVP(94).  There is no registered class, and a license is required for seed production.

  • Horsepower ~ Moderately Early; White Hull; High Yield; Strong Straw

    Horsepower is a shorter stature oat with high yield potential, strong straw strength and good test weight.  It has moderate  resistance to crown rust and barley yellow dwarf virus and is moderately susceptible to smut and stem rust.  This variety was developed by the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2011.  Horsepower is a PVP(94) protected variety and may only be sold as a class of certified seed.  There is no saleable Registered class of seed.

  •       Deon ~ Late maturity; Tall; High yield; Medium Yellow; Stem rust resistance

Deon is a high yielding spring oat with overall good agronomic traits.  It has good test weight, high yield, good lodging resistance.  This variety also has highly effective crown rust resistance and resistance to smut.  Deon was released by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2011 and is protected by PVP(94) Title V.  A license is required for seed production.

  •        Goliath ~ Late maturity; Very Tall; High grain yield and forage production

Goliath is aptly named because of its height.  It is a multi-purpose oat that may be used for forage or grain and straw.  Despite its height and high grain yield potential, it has excellent straw strength.  However, it should only be planted on high fertility soil with a measure of caution, unless it will be harvested for forage.  Forage yield and relative feed value are both very good with this variety.  Goliath is a protected variety while PVP(94) application is in process.